Sunday, 15 September 2013

A winemaker from Australia, Lecturer from England and PhD student from France walk into a bar...

and he orders a single glass of cold frosty Cooper pale ale.

I have three professional identities and my posts here are to help reconcile all of them together.

First I was a winemaker working in some very fun wineries.  I have been to Berri, Renmark, Sicily, Coonawarra and Abruzzo. I have made millions of litres and single barrels in permutations of white, red, rose, dessert, sparkling and fortified.

Rodea winery, Abruzzo
Katnook Estate, Coonawarra

Then I became a lecturer in winemaking at Plumpton College and again found myself keeping busy doing with lots of subjects like maths, chemistry, microbiology, lab analysis, sensory science and oenology.

Most recently I have become a PhD student at the University of Reims, where I am about to delve deep into the fields of oxidation, white wine polyphenols, grape & yeast proteins and Laccase.  I know a little about of all of these areas, but would like to dig deeper.  I hope to become fluent in this knowledge, so I don't have to return to the text book to be able converse with my peers.  

So this first post is the start of this process.


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